Rodeo Event Cleanup Services

Life’s too short to be concerned that your event is clean
We know you’re busy with a packed schedule and multiple responsibilities. So, keeping your event clean doesn’t have to be on your to-do list. Ecology Solutions is here to clean and maintain your event using our time-tested Complete Event Solution to cover all your needs. Our system has been perfected through thousands of event specific cleaning hours, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Affordable. Reliable. Convenient.
We work hard to keep our services reliable and affordable. Our cleaning professionals continue to research new technology to save time and money. You can rest assured that all our professionals have undergone extensive training, a background check, and are fully insured.

Detail-Cleaning distinguishes Ecology Solutions service from other cleaners.
Ecology Solutions pays attention to the details, cleaning your event just the way you would, if you had the time. We begin by getting your site “Detail-Clean” with intensive per event cleaning of your entire site. After the initial cleaning, Ecology Solutions continues to detail-clean all area’s of your event on a regular rotation, ensuring everything is cleaned to your standards. Our unique Detail-Clean Rotation System provides an in-depth cleaning of specific areas of your event on a regular schedule

Past Events

Ecology Solutions is changing the special event industry.

With over eight years of cleaning experience, our staff will cover every aspect of your event. Our staff has supported many prestigious events as displayed here. The events listed are a snapshot of our experience and know-how in the cleaning industry and are not meant to represent any exclusive agreement with Ecology Solutions.